English Drama Group Leipzig proudly presents

Entertaining Mr Sloane

by Joe Orton

20-year-old, handsome Mr Sloane joins the household of middle-aged Kathy and her old father Kemp as a lodger. Dowdy Kathy is more than enthusiastic about Sloane, who evokes her maternal instinct and at the same time reminds her of an old lover. Kemp, on the other hand, is highly suspicious of Mr Sloane and thinks he has a murderous secret. Along comes Ed, Kathy’s younger brother, who is also instantly attracted to Mr Sloane and doesn’t want to leave him to Kathy’s clutches…

The play’s explicitly sexual themes and its coarse humour make it a controversial play. Controversial but funny – perversely funny.

Opening Night: 22. January 2011 - 8 pm
26 / 28 / 29 January
2 / 4 / 5 February
8 pm
Dachtheater Haus Steinstraße
Steinstraße 18 (Südvorstadt)
tickets: 0341/ 3913219 or www.haus-steinstrasse.de

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